We create rich, customized e-commerce solutions to help you tap into the mobile market.
Here’s how we work:

Meet and greet.
We get to know you and you get to know us. If we’re a good fit, we work out a broad mobile strategy based on your business goals and draft a contract. We use a commission model so we make money when you do.
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Design and build.
Strategy: iPad, iPhone, Android? All of the above? We figure out what’s going to work best for you and your customers. Design: We work closely with your brand team to design a custom solution that supports your company’s existing aesthetic and product line. Development: Working with your IT team, we code the app to integrate with your existing backend e–commerce infrastructure. No hassles: We change to accommodate your system, not the other way around.
3.. 2.. 1.. Launch!
We submit the app to iTunes with the necessary documentation, oversee the review process, and then your app goes live to the public! Champagne anyone?
Update & iterate.
Change happens – and we like to stay on top of it. We innovate and improve your app over the course of the two-year contract. That means more than just fixing bugs. For example, when Apple came out with push notifications, we adapted our apps to leverage this new feature. We stay on top of our game so that you can focus on what you do best.
True story. We use a commission model so upfront fees are a thing of the past.* We make money when you do, so we're invested in the outcome and highly motivated to make awesome apps. Our contracts are 24 months long and we go out of our way to make sure there are no hidden costs.
*We hate to put an asterisk here, because we really do strive for $0 upfront fees as a policy. BUT, In some rare instances, we've had to ask for small upfront fees based on client IT systems and requirements. But we'll let you know before we start.


Working closely with Office Shoes, we designed, built and launched their iPhone and iPad apps.

“At Office Shoes we were looking for help with improving our mobile strategy. This is where Flikkable came in and they haven't disappointed. We engaged them in 2011 and they launched the Office Shoes iPhone app in January 2012.”
Rob Worthington, eCommerce Director, Office Shoes

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app downloads since January 2012.
(Office Shoes iPhone and iPad apps combined.)

“The app has been a great success with over 600,000 downloads to date resulting in a 150% increase in mobile sales. It has also been in the top 20 in its category and was featured by Apple as an Essential Christmas Shopping app”
Rob Worthington, eCommerce Director, Office Shoes
“They were not only fast, but proactive, and regularly suggest improvements (such as the use of push notifications to drive sales) and also update the app code in line with changes in our IT backend.”
Rob Worthington, eCommerce Director, Office Shoes
“Flikkable has recently launched our official iPad app and we are planning on developing additional apps with their help. Their upfront, hassle free approach and excellent technical team make working with them smooth and straightforward, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Rob Worthington, eCommerce Director, Office Shoes
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